A guide to organizing public elections

italian election supplies

When it comes to election time, there are certain required items that every public polling place must have. Below you will find a very short list of the required election supplies and you will also find a detailed look at each item, specifically.

The voting booths

This is probably one of the most crucial items any public polling place needs to have. The booth itself has a zinc-coated structure. It also has 3 sides, which need to be folded. This is very important. Why? It needs to be stored easily. The panels, themselves, must be black inside in order to guarantee a maximum privacy. They must also be made of propylene.

italian election supplies

Each booth must be reliable and durable, for up to 12 months. This is the shorter time span. It can last longer, if you feel so inclined. It has to be 100 x 100 x 200, all in centimeters. It usually has to weight at least 11 k.

The postings

Now let’s talk about the postings. We also call them billboards or signs. They have to be the normal 2 x 2 standing modules. This makes each of them very adaptable. The more adaptable they are, such as being straight or any other shape, the more they can fit into each and every required protocol. Each place has its own protocol for voting. Keeping the signs this way from day one, it will make it easier to use.

The bases need to be made of base and concrete. Wooden panels also need to be used. This way it doesn’t go through as much wear and tear, if any at all.

The stage

If you are familiar with the modular stage that Orlando uses, down here in the USA, then the same is pretty much used for the electoral stage. There are only two differences. The pillars are taller. The base materials are a bit more adjustable, when compared to the other one.

The flooring uses wooden panels, per usual. It’s usually 200 cm by 50. There is a multi-layered spruce paneling within. It’s usually about 27 mm. The stage also comes with handrails and stairs. As soon as they come, they can be installed in the stage right away.

Just a word of warning here. The maximum weight capacity for the stage is around 600 kg. If you need more than this, you might need to make a few adjustments, when planning to order.

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