Benefits of using Sedus ergonomic chairs in the work place

Sedus office furniture

Spending long hours at your work desk can cause you to experience body pain especially back, shoulders, and neck pain. However, sometimes this is unavoidable especially if your job is a desk job. To relieve the excessive stress on your spine, you should consider using ergonomic chairs.
These chairs are different from traditional ones because they are specifically designed to help you remain in a comfortable position while you work.
Here are several benefits of using an ergonomic chair:

1. It Helps you Maintain Good Posture
Conventional chairs contribute developing some bad posture some people have because they lack the necessary support needed to maintain good posture while sitting. It also has several features including a headrest and backrest that work to help you maintain a good sitting position. Besides, you can adjust the height of the chair to any angle that works best for you.

2. Provides Real Comfort
It provides more comfort than conventional chairs because you can customize the features to suit the specific need and meet up to your comfort level.

3. It Reduces the Risk of Injury
Sitting without a neck rest or backrest for long periods can cause stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and back which can lead to more severe problems like cervical spondylosis. Ergonomic chairs provide enough support for your head, neck, and back.
Also, it reduces the risk of hip injuries because it has a good seat depth that supports the butt and hip region adequately. Conventional chairs, on the other hand, have a hard seating surface that puts extra pressure on your hip.

Sedus ergonomic chairs

Types of Ergonomic Chairs

Swivel Chairs

These chairs have a one of a kind technology that supports the curvature of the spine. It can recline to an angle greater than 90┬░ so that you can stretch your body out properly. It also has a headrest to support the head as you lean back and it adjusts automatically as you switch positions, so you find your comfort spot.
Swivel chairs can allow you move around swiftly while you are at work. It can also help reduce stress after a long days job.

Meeting and Conference Chairs

Meetings and conferences can take a long time which can leave people in an uncomfortable sitting position with conventional office chairs.
Ergonomically designed meeting and conference chairs are perfect for long periods of sitting during these conferences. These chairs provide adequate lower back lumbar support as well as thick cushions, arm rests, head rest, and neck support. It is designed to provide comfort. More comfort means increased concentration and higher productivity in these presentations.

Sedus: feeling good at work

Sedus is the leading European manufacturer of ergonomic products and modern furniture.
With a rich history dating as far back as 1871, they are at the forefront of office furniture design. The mission of the company is to promote the health and well-being of working individuals as well as increase office productivity.

In 2005 the company received the first ever EMAS III certification awarded to a furniture manufacturing company. In 2012 the company was also awarded the environment prize for companies in Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

Sedus offers a wide range of ergonomic products including meeting and conference chairs, sofas, swivel chairs and more. Their products come in a wide range of designs, shapes, and colours to suit your tastes.
Apart from their top-notch aesthetics, the company, also adopt the latest technology to design chairs that are excellent for posture and spinal support. Other products they offer include beautiful office tables and storage spaces that are uniquely designed to stand out.

The well-being of your workforce should come first in any decision you make. Choose the right furniture to maintain the health of your team and increase business productivity.

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