Master’s In Innovation Management: Why BBS is the Right School


Thinking of getting a Master’s in Innovation Management in Italy? Why not try Bologna Business School? A very good reason you should choose Bologna Business School is that Innovation Management is combined with Mechanics and Automation. Only very few schools combine the two highly beneficial courses together.

The course is EPAS accredited. It is offered on full time basis. And it is being offered in English Language even though most MBA in Italy are not offered in English Language. It is a 12 calendar month program so you will be through in no time. The average age of current participants is 31. Most importantly, no matter how many applications are received, there are only 15 to 20 spaces. This helps to foster a close lecturer to student relationship. Since the participants are few each lecturer will have proper knowledge on each participant.

Master’s in Innovation Management 2017: Academic Calendar

bbs-business-schoolThe Master’s in Innovation Management is offered in two rounds of classes. The application deadlines for rounds I and II are April and June 2017 respectively. Selection takes place for rounds I and II in May and July 2017 respectively. The enrollment deadlines for both rounds I and II are June and September 2017 respectively. Lecture begins in September 2017. So, you should schedule your program to conform with this calendar if you intend to take the course next year.

General Teaching Method Adopted For MBA in Italy

For MBA courses in Italy generally, teaching staff lay important theoretical foundations for participants through in-depth class lectures. They will now follow it up with necessary practical applications of the theories. This is usually done through seminars, group projects, individual assignments and company visits just to mention a few. The concept has been highly productive as graduates come out well-grounded in both theory and practical and ready to apply their knowledge to real live situations. Needless to say, Innovation Management is no exception to this lecture policy.

Tuition Fees for the Program

You will need to pay a total amount of VAT free 27,000 Euros, which is payable in three installments. The fees cover all the study materials that can be accessed online and other paraphernalia for the program. It also covers access to the necessary services and facilities in the school. Some of the facilities are personal account for special rates for the school restaurant, access to school gym, use of the computers in the computer lab and BBS Wi-Fi. These are just a few of them.

The fee also gives you access to free parking in the school campus. With the Student Card that is offered upon enrollment, you will have access to over 100 libraries available in the school for your research work. It also gives you access to all the canteens in the school. The fee is obviously worth the amount.

All Forms of Financial Aid Offered in Bologna Business School

To assist indigent students, the school offers three forms of financial aids outlined below.

Honor Loan

The school offered a low-interest and long-term loan spread over 10 years. The loan amount is exactly the enrollment fee. Since it is meant for students, no collateral is required. All participants of this program are eligible to apply.

MBA Scholarships

The school offers both partial and full scholarship for MBA participants. Just like the Honor loan, all participants of this program are eligible to apply. The school offers 27,000 euro- full scholar scholarship, 15,000 euro-partial scholarship and 10,000 euro-partial scholarship. It is based on merit. It is noteworthy that only very few of the scholarship applicants get selected. So, it is advisable to plan your payment without it.

Africa Scholarship Program

BBS partners with a particular organization to offer this scholarship. It is meant for 10 young promising students from Africa. This implies that only students from Africa are eligible for this scholarship.

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